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Market Turning Points | Andre Gratian | 2011-04-10

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As mentioned previously, the market moves in phases, and each phase completion is followed by a consolidation or correction. The Point & Figure chart is the best way to identify these phases, especially the periods of accumulation and distribution which precede them.

When the SPX made its low at 1249, it created an accumulation pattern from which four distinct “counts” can be derived. When each count is attained, a pull-back should take place – at a minimum! Each completed phase count is also capable of producing an important correction instead of a mere consolidation phase. On April 1, the SPX reached its first phase count of 1334 and, although it has slightly exceeded that price level, it has not been able to decisively continue its rally and is clearly making a consolidation pattern which could turn out to be only the beginning of a deeper correction. Some uncertainty is being created by the fact that the QQQ is relatively weaker than the SPX.

When this corrective behavior ends, it could result in an extension of the rally from 1249. Since we have no way of knowing ahead of time which scenario will play out, we need to wait for some clarification and next week’s action should give us some good clues about market direction.



Market Turning Points Weekend Report

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From (Andre Gratian):

Could we make new lows? We discussed earlier that the SPX has a valid count to about 1240 and, based on its P&F chart I could make a case for the QQQQ to reach 52.50-53.00 before ending its decline. If these objectives are reached, it would put both indices outside their intermediate channel.

Still, I have reasons to think that this decline will be of limited extent and duration. This is, in part, based on the current position of the SentimenTrader which is shown below on the left (courtesy of same), and which is very bullish.


Turning Points (Andre Gratian)

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In my Week-end Report, last week, I concluded that:

“For the time being, the long trend appears to be safe, and higher prices will probably occur before the SPX starts an intermediate retreat. However, we currently have the best technical evidence yet since the rise from 1275 that, this time, the SPX is not crying wolf about forming a minor top at this level, and that near-term caution is warranted.”

I had a good projection to 1343 and the SPX had already reached 1344.07, and my indicators suggested an imminent reversal. Monday was a holiday, but on Tuesday, the index dropped almost 31 points, one of its worst declines in weeks.

Last Thursday, based on structure and P&F projections, I alerted my subscribers that I saw a good possibility that the decline would end at 1295. The low turned out to be 1294.26.

This earned me the following: “Andre–that was a brilliant call. thanks for all the extra updates and your hard work. You are really “there” for your subscribers when markets are roiled and we need you.-M.

OK, enough bragging! What happens next? Since Thursday’s low, the SPX has rallied 26.35 points and closed near its high on Friday with excellent A/D figures to support the move. This was enough for my hourly indicator to give a strong buy signal, and for the daily charts to suggest a potential reversal, falling just short of giving an actual buy signal.


TTW (“Trades That Work”): Puretick’s (Alex Wasilewski’s) Trading Strategies

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From Puretick:

One of our goals at Pure Tick is to get you trading like a pro on your own! In addition to providing trading alert signals, much of your time in the service will be spent soaking up knowledge on the markets. We teach standard concepts such as support and resistance, candle formations, bounce points, market internal indications and various other profitable setups used by Alex…

In reality that is the only hope for the newbie to graduate to the ranks of the professional. I am sure most new traders have read a number of trading books where the author proposes or in many cases rehashes a “holy grail” trading setup. Many times they simply plagiarize and rename the method.

When the new trader finishes the book and starts trading the next morning, the results are worse than expected. Sadly for the new trader, many of these methods—Trend Following or Counter Trend–are not that bad. Many do have a positive expected outcome over time. We have found that most methods average about a 55% success rate if every signal is taken. What many new traders don’t realize is that a method with a 55% success rate can easily have 5 losing trades in a row. Very few new traders multiply the average stop loss of that particular “holy grail” method times 5 to even get an idea of what that method might lose right out of the gate.

The prime trading methodology we use at TTW, and what we aggressively suggest for the new trader is to trade with the main trend of the day, and yet to avoid chasing the move once the trend has been determined. By definition this means we buy when a new momentum high has been established but we wait for a pullback. The opposite applies to short trades.

Right away a reader might say, “Yes, lots of trading gurus do that. What makes you guys different?”


The Puretick Trading Room: Live, real-time trading calls and trading education

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Puretick: trading room with the best track record in the business.