Market Turning Points | Andre Gratian | 2011-09-05


The second rally phase of the equity indices ended on Wednesday 8/31at 1231 on the SPX. Or is it the first? It depends on what kind of an analyst you talk to. Some EW experts believe that the decline back down to 1121 was a wave V failure from 1371, and that is when we started a corrective wave up. If it was not, and if we just ended a corrective wave IV, we are heading for a new low. We’ll find out which is right over the next few weeks. What is certain is that the depth of Friday’s retracement has nullified the possibility of the rally developing into an impulse wave for SPX.

In the last newsletter, I discussed the cycle configuration that lies ahead which will most likely determine the course of the market (until early October when the 3-yr cycle is scheduled to make its low). In spite of the current weakness, the trend may soon turn up, perhaps until 9/12 when the 14-15-wk cycle will make its high (assuming that it has not already done so). It will be between that date and early October that the market will be the most vulnerable to make a new low.

My crystal ball for early next week is prophesizing more weakness into about 1165-1158, and then the beginning of another near-term uptrend which could last until that cycle top on the 12th. That date is also interesting from an astrological view point. According to Raymond Merriman, the renowned Financial Astrologer, the second half of September has astrological signatures which could be adverse to the stock market. After early October, we should have a better idea of what kind of market trend we are in. In spite of the recent rally my long-term trend lead indicators have only consolidated and are still bearish. This, and the fact that the intermediate downtrend channel is still intact continue to give the long-term market trend a negative rating.

Let’s illustrate the current market position with charts.



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