Market Turning Points | Andre Gratian | 2011-08-21


ContinuedBetween 2/13/11 and 7/17/11, the SPX described a well-publicized Head & Shoulders pattern which carried a minimum downward projection of about 1165. That warned of a significant decline, but came far short of stating the full decline potential of that topping pattern. Using a standard count methodology for P&F charts, and taking it across the entire formation from right to left shoulder, we come up with a conservative projection down to about 789. A more liberal one would take the index down to 708. Whether or not these projections will be realized in full, or if the bear market concludes at some higher level, they warn us that a severe decline lies ahead and they are in full agreement with the cyclic configuration.

That’s the long-term prognosis, and it should take about three years to become a reality. But what about the short to intermediate term? That looks far more rosy. Again, based on a P&F projection supplemented with structure analysis, it looks as if the SPX is about to conclude its intermediate decline somewhere between 1086 and 1096. Perhaps as early as Monday, in conjunction with a 13-wk cycle low. What happens after that is a little murky because although the structure calls for a potential retracement of 50% of the decline to 1233, there are bottoming cycles that might get in the way of an immediate recovery. These will be discussed a little later on under “CYCLES’.


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