Market Turning Points | Andre Gratian | 2011-07-24


The rally which started last Monday at 1296 was not able to generate enough momentum in the weekly and daily indicators to confirm that an important uptrend had started. I had voiced my concern about the weekly indicators before, and in the last newsletter, in reviewing the weekly chart, I stated that “Neither the MSO nor the MACD has given a confirmed buy to the uptrend which started at 1265.”

By the end of the week, the daily indicators – especially the breadth indicators – were giving a non-confirmation of the uptrend with some very visible negative divergence appearing in all time frames.

My Thursday Market Summary stated the following:

“With the kind of weakness which is beginning to show in the weekly and daily indicators, there is no guarantee that the various projections will be reached, and we should be very cautious when a projection is reached and we start reversing in earnest, especially after we break trend lines (any trend line).”

The base pattern that was created on the Point & Figure chart around the 1296 low gave a potential count to 1402, which was divided in various phase projections. The phase projection that the SPX was trying to attain on Thursday and Friday was about 1353. After reaching 1347, it could go no further and started to trade sideways. By the end of the day, on Friday, it started to trade outside its trend line. Strength in the QQQ, which made a new bull market high on Friday, suggested that the SPX might follow, since QQQ has a strong tendency to lead. It did not!

In the afternoon, the announcement that the budget talks had come to an impasse is not likely to be received very well by the financial markets, and the second phase of the rally from 1265 which started at 1296 has undoubtedly come to an end. This could be averted if some renewed hope for a deal emerges over the week-end, but since the indicators are calling for a correction, what happens may only be a matter of degree.

Where does that leave us? One of my assessments was that we had been in an intermediate correction since the February high which was taking the form of a diagonal triangle. I thought that it had ended with the 1296 low. It is now likely that it has not and my current diagnosis is that the index is now in the process of completing the triangle pattern. I have reasons to believe that the bull market has not yet come to an end.

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