Market Turning Points | Andre Gratian | 2011-05-30


On Tuesday 5/24 the SPX started another near-term uptrend from 1312 which reached 1333 by the end of the week. Is there any chance that this rally becomes a legitimate end to the correction? Maybe! Because the 14-15-wk high-to-high cycle is due to top in about a week and, assuming that it is the cause of this rally, and that it will bring about a high and not a low, the upward push could extend by several more points until the cycle has made its high (ideally 6/6). Then, a reversal should take place, perhaps bottoming on 6/13, the date on which the Armstrong 8.6-yr cycle is due.

Using cycles for market forecasting can be helpful, but I have learned to take them with a grain of technical salt, meaning that, based on experience, I take the cycles into consideration, but rely primarily on what my technical indicators are saying; especially when several cycles are clustering in a narrow time frame (like now) — and some of them have a history of inverting!



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