Richard Wyckoff method


The originator of this method is from the writings of Richard D Wyckoff. (1873-1934)

At the age of 15-years old, he became a stock runner, scurrying back and forth on Wall Street. At age 25, he opened his own brokerage office which gave him close contact with several the most important and influential traders Wall Street has ever seen. He studied the market operations of Jay Gould, Jesse Livermore, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, along with many others, all in an effort to develop his own approach to the market. These were men who studied the market, understood how and why it moved, and profited from it. Wyckoff methods were successfully applied in newsletter called ‘The Magazine of WallStreet’ (known to have 200,000 subscribers in the 1920’s). The newsletter became the darling of Wall Street traders.



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