Book recommendation: The Universal Principles of Successful Trading

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Excerpt (p196, pp1):


Developing and accepting a simple trading approach signifies that you have accepted an important reality about trading. It means you have reached that “zen” state of mind that understands there is no Holy Grail trading solution. It means you no longer feel the need to continue your never-ending search for the next trading idea. Acceptance of simplicity gives you both enlightenment and peace of mind.

It means you now understand and accept that no one can say for certainty where a market will head in the future, and you now accept there is no benefit in attempting to do so. It means you have realized that all you can control in your trading is the adoption of a sound trading logic and good money management. It means you now realize that you don’t have to know with certainty where a market is heading to make money trading. Embracing simplicity gives you real understanding.


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