Book Review: Entries and Exits (by Dr. Alexander Elder)

A critique of 16 traders by Dr. Alexander Elder (who is not only a great trader, but a psychologist):

Entries and Exits has to be one of the best all around guides to trading that I have come across. There are many other books that do a good job of explaining what you need to do in order to be successful at trading commodities or stocks, but none that hit it from this angle. By the end of the book, you will have learned some good techniques from 16 successful traders who trade for a living. Better yet, you will have a strong understanding of Dr. Elder’s trading methods, which are well worth the price of the book.

This book also instills confidence and opens your eyes on how trading is done by real traders. These are not cheesy testimonials that you seen on infomercials or an ad in a trading magazine – they are real people. Moreover, you are reading the works of an author who is a successful trader in his own regard and has written some excellent information to help you be a successful trader. It is very apparent that the author has a passion for trading and if you don’t, this book may not have as much meaning.



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